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These are the experiences of some of our satisfied customers.

Kathleen U., New Orleans, Louisiana, 27

“I am a personal trainer, passionate about health and nutrition. Different than most trainers I struggle with chronic fibromyalgia symptoms every single day. Symptoms so bad they force me to miss work for weeks at a time and change plans frequently. I’ve been to several doctors, each knowing absolutely nothing about what will work for me and making me feel more like a test rat than anything else. They just prescribe more pills that cause even more symptoms that interact with each other. At one point I had been prescribed 7 different medications for pain, muscles spasms, migraines, depression, anxiety, IBS, and insomnia, and chronic fatigue. I was at my absolute low. I stopped relying on doctors to fix me and began my journey to try and fix myself.Although I am not completely prescription free yet I have cut down to 3 prescriptions. However, pharmaceuticals are making my liver work over time and make my IBs even worse. I have been hearing a lot about the therapeutic qualities of CBD topical so and tincture so i gave it a go! As well as tried a few, but after trying Ziggy’s Naturals, for the first time I felt REAL relief without added symptoms!! I felt more energy, more focus, little to no pain, relaxed muscles, elevated mood, all while feeling like myself truly again!! 

So grateful we’re finally moving in the direction of less pharmaceutical drugs that are harmful to our health. I would 100% recommend Ziggy’s Naturals CBD tincture if you deal with chronic pain and any inflammation!”

Amanda T., Venice, Florida, 26

“ I've been using the Ziggy’s Naturals vape pen for a while now. It is amazing! One day, I got into a car accident (was rear-ended) and my anxiety was through the roof. The pen helped me calm down almost instantaneously. Additionally, I have major anxiety before I sleep, so using the pen at night this has helped calm my nerves and help me sleep better. I'm thankful that I came across this and bought it from Ziggy’s Naturals. This helps calm my major anxiety without the high. I highly recommend it to everyone. “

Bre S., Austin, Texas, 24

“I am a personal trainer and am extremely consciences about the products I put in or on my body. I started taking CBD oil about 2 months ago. I played around with the idea for about a year or so, but never did my full research on which product to choose and never felt like I had the time to dive into figuring out what source was the best. I have struggled with anxiety for the past 3-4 years and I've been looking for a replacement for anxiety medication (because I hate being any any medication). I also workout about 5-7 days a week, and I've heard about the benefits of CBD and joint pain/aches. Well, I recently ran across a friend who told me he and his family were in the business, and I was sold on it from the start. I knew I could trust Ziggy’s Naturals products immediately, so I gave it a shot! 

I can testify that this product is helping me with both my anxiety and aches and pains! I take Ziggy’s Naturals tincture at night and in the morning, I don't feel weird or funny at all, I have just noticed that I am more calm in general throughout the day and I am sleeping much better. I also have noticed that if I'm incredibly sore from working out, after taking a dose of tincture at night, I feel a million times better in the morning! This is great stuff, definitely recommend & will I continue to take for forever!”