Ziggys Naturals family

Founded by the Pollacks in 2018 and based out of Austin,Texas, Ziggy’s Naturals is one of the country’s leading family-owned sellers and distributors of purely organic CBD products.

My name is Jordyn, and I am one of the Co-founders of Ziggy’s Naturals. I am a chef by trade and have been working in the Cannabis industry for the past 5 years now. My father and I started Ziggy’s Naturals several years ago. My brother Jake joined the company, and we are now building our family business together. This is a dream come true for all of us. On a personal level, I love working out, hiking, snowboarding and hanging with my wife Ziggy and our furry children, Pika, Ozzy and Harlow.

My name is Jake and I am the Director of Sales and Marketing and one of the owners of Ziggy’s Naturals. Running this company with my father and brother has been a dream come true for me. Prior to joining the family business, I did national sales for a large tech company and learned how important it was for me to produce and sell a line of products that I truly believe in. That is our mission at Ziggy’s, and I feel great about the fact that we are accomplishing these goals every day. As for my personal life, like my dad and brother, I love training and being extremely fit. I spend most of my time hanging with my beautiful wife and my 2 amazing children. They are my world and are the driving force in my motivation and dedication to this business. Thanks for supporting my dream!

Hello all, I am Marc Pollack, the proud father of Jordyn and Jake and Co-founder of Ziggy's Naturals. I am an attorney and have been representing professional athletes as a Sports Agent for a majority of my 33 years in practice. Several years ago, I expanded my business interests and started Ziggy's with my son Jordyn, as it has always been a dream to be working with my kids. It did not take long for Jake to join the team and we are now all building our family business together. We have become big advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, as Jordyn is a transgender male, and I believe that supporting that community is also supporting my son. I am big time into fitness and love the outdoors and doing anything with my amazing kids, their partners, and my beautiful grandchildren.